About Us

Originally located at Lorong Serambi, Quan Fa is one of the three organic farms in Singapore and one of the biggest distributors of organic produce island-wide.

This site will be Quan Fa’s more casual and fun platform to let our readers know more about the value of eating organic. Also, check this site out for special sneak peaks to know more about our behind-the-scenes farm operations and the daily activities of a modern-day farmer.

At Quan Fa Organic Farm, we subscribe to ecological agrarian methods of farming,
abstaining from the use of pesticides and harmful fertilizers, to produce only the freshest crops that are healthy and nutritious.

Since our inception in 1999, Quan Fa Organic Farm has been cultivating organically-grown vegetables for the large masses of Singaporeans. Over the years, we have grown from humble beginnings of a small organic vegetable retailer to one of the leading distributors in Singapore today.

Here at Quan Fa, we cultivate about 40 types of fruits and vegetables using our very own all-natural, vegetation-based compost system derived from a unique Japanese technique. This ensures a reliable source of healthy and delicious foods without the means of synthetic and chemical fertilizers to our customers.

All our crops are harvested and packaged every morning so that maximum freshness is guaranteed, straight from the source. We deliver to individual customers and to many organic shops island-wide.

A family-run business, Mr Liao Chuan Huat, his wife, Madam Eng Yock Kee and their son, Jun Jie personally see to the daily operations of Quan Fa organic farm.



Contact us:

Quanfa Organic Farm (全发有机农业)

35 Murai Farmway, Singapore 705149

Tel: +65 6793 7693

Fax: +65 6794 2172


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