Hey guys, it’s been a busy few weeks for us with so many events going on and the sharp increase in demand for organic produce… but we are not complaining! It is always heartening to see more people joining the organic movement, knowing what they put into their bodies, and most importantly, enjoying eating healthy!

After the past weekend’s SG50 Organic Makan Farm Tour, we’ve been fielding a whole bunch of requests for recipes of a few of Chef Austin’s (Peckish) classic crowdpleasers. Chef Austin has graciously taken some time off his busy schedule to recreate some of these dishes for our community. So, here it is:



  1. Asian Herbs (Chinese Celery, Coriander, Spring Onions, Thai Basil, English Parsley)
  2. Roasted Peanuts
  3. Light Olive Oil
  4. Sea Salt and Pepper


  • There is no set proportions of the Asian herbs (make use of what you can get a hold of)
  • Roughly chop up the Asian herbs so they fit into the blender
  • Place the roasted peanuts at the bottom of the blender first
  • Throw in the rest of the listed ingredients (except sea salt and pepper)
  • Blend all the ingredients together to create a paste
  • Add more oil if the blender doesn’t blend the herbs
  • Spinkle sea salt and pepper at the end to taste

**  Chef’s note: Quan Fa Organic Farm’s locally grown herbs are extremely flavourful. As such, you do not need to achieve volume while making the pesto. Quality herbs play a greater part in achieving the highly sought-after aroma in the pesto (and other infused oils).




  1. 300g Garlic Confit
  2. 200g Softened Butter
  3. 15g Parsley
  4. Sea Salt and Pepper

Garlic Confit:

  1. Whole Peeled Garlic
  2. Sunflower Oil/Light Olive Oil
    Put the peeled garlic into a pot and pour in enough oil to cover them. Place the pot over low heat and allow the garlic pieces to cook and fry until they are slightly brown (roughly 8mins). Set aside to cool.

Making the Butter:

  • Chop up the parley while waiting for the garlic confit to cool down (alternatively, use pre-chopped ones)
  • Once the confit has cooled down enough, place them into the blender with a little oil
  • Blend the garlic confit and adjust amount of oil until it is just enough to form a smooth garlic paste
  • Remove paste and mix in the soft butter and chopped parsley until well-mixed
  • Spinkle sea salt and pepper at the end to taste

The food we showcase at our farm tour changes all the time and we tend to use fresh organic produce that is in high season. On your part, use as many organic ingredients in your recipes as possible to turn this into an organic dish. As it turns out, the fresher your ingredients (and more organic), the lesser seasonings you’ll need as the natural flavors of the fresh produce will shine through in your dishes making them extra flavorful!



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