“Lay off the fatty food!” We can bet that at least 50% of you reading this made that resolution for the New Year. If you haven’t already heard, not all fat is created equal. There are good fats and there are bad fats. And sometimes, even your body needs a little of the bad fat to keep it going. (Read also: The Truth about Fats) Below we take a look at some of the fatty food we think you should include into your diet this year (despite your resolutions!) for the good of your body:

1. Butter

Most of you may think that butter is rich and sinful and healthy. You can’t be further from the truth! Yes, butter is rich – it is rich in healthy fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. For the uninitiated, it helps with the bone, brain, heart, and immune system function. Butter also helps to restore the integrity of the gut lining, reduces inflammation, and has anti-viral properties. To ensure that you’re taking in only natural ingredients and to maximize health benefits, only use organic butter that is made from grass-fed cows.

(Note: The popular substitute to butter, Margarine, is heavily laden with chemical additives and cheap, low-grade oils. In this sense, butter is much better for your body and heart.)

2. Avocado

Not a common ingredient when it comes to Singaporean food, but if you can get your hands on it, we promise you won’t want to stop eating it! Known as green butter, the avocado has a texture and consistency that mimics a buttery spread when ripe. Avocados also beat bananas in providing your body with potassium minerals, which help in the proper functioning of your heart, kidneys, muscles, nerves and digestive systems. They are also known to improve insulin sensitivity.

3. Egg (Yolks)

Egg yolks have long been brutally attacked by health nazis because its saturated fat content and cholesterol. As such people turn to egg whites for their source of protein and throw out the yolk. Stop! The nutrients are all in the yolks. We hate to break out into a multivitamin nutrient list but egg yolks can provide you with the following: Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Selenium, Phosphorous, Iron, and Folate. They also provide your body with protein and omega-3 fats.

4. (Fatty) Fish

One of the healthiest and most delicious foods from the sea, oily fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and trout are full of omega-3 fatty acids. These are good fats for your heart, and consuming at least two servings of fatty fish a week can cut the risk of heart attack by 36%. Looking to change up your entrees? Forget the meat and head for the seafood section in search of these fatty fish.

5. Nuts

Nuts are often considered the lesser of all evils because you can’t actually see the oils or tell that it is fatty when it is in its snack form. Trust us, there are a lot of oils that come out of those little kibbles. However, studies have shown that a daily serving of peanut butter can cut the risk of type 2 diabetes by 21% and snacking on nuts (instead of potato chips and other unhealthy deep-fried snacks) can lower risk of heart attack by a whopping 35%.

Moderation is Key. 

Of course, after all that’s said and done, you should all remember that the key to eating healthy is moderation. This list of fatty foods does not mean that you should go out there and stuff your faces silly. Moderate your intake and use it wisely to enhance the flavor of your food and eventually the overall health of your body. 


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