Last week, we talked about how one of the latest fad diet, the Eat Clean Diet is similar to the diets of organic advocates. Simply due to the fact that the main point of this diet is to lose all artificial ingredients in your diet and eat as natural as possible to ensure a healthy body. (Read more: Clean Eating 101)

And of course, we promised a little sharing session on how to get started eating clean. Firstly, you should know that as fad diets go, the Eat Clean Diet is pretty flexible. There has been many variations of this diet and there are many rules to follow to start eating clean. A quick google search can throw six different variations of this diet in your face.

So instead of getting into the nitty gritty details, here at Quan Fa Organic Farm, we are breaking it all down and would like to focus on a few points we think are pertinent, whether you are trying to eat clean or not. Just the top five main points to a healthier body, and a healthier you!

1. Drink lots of water. 

Remember the rule that was thrust upon you since you were a kid? 8 to 10 glasses a day? Yes, that still holds true. Water does wonders to the body. From ridding your body of toxins to building up your immune system, and even to keeping your mind sharp, we definitely think that this point of the Eat Clean diet makes the top 5 list! (Read more about the Benefits of Staying Hydrated)

2. Lose the chemicals and artificial stuff. 

We believe that one of the reasons our ancestors are able to live much longer lives than people in our generation is due to the lack of processed foods in their time. They’ve consumed almost everything natural, and look how long they lived! Likewise, we believe that the first step towards a healthier body is definitely through dropping all the artificial and processed stuff from your diets. We say, go au naturel. 

3. Eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables. 

Most people think that simply by increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables, they are making their body healthier. Yes, fruits and vegetables make for a healthier diet and body. But for the uninitiated, they know not of the horrors of artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides that make their fruits and vegetables look appealing to them at the supermarkets! Organic produce is basically farmed fruits and vegetables that are grown the natural way without all the harmful stuff added into your food.

(Be sure to check your organic sources, though. Some may claim to sell organic produce but still add in artificial fertilizers. The best way is to pay your organic source/farm a visit.)

4. Eat your breakfast everyday. 

There are millions of breakfast advocates out there and they are not wrong. The benefits of eating a healthy breakfast most definitely outweighs watching what you eat for every other meal of the day. From kickstarting your metabolism for the day, to absorbing all the nutrients your body needs, even to weight control, breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day.

5. Size, size, size! (Of your portions)

There are so many people out there who try to go on many different diets, switching out to eat healthier stuff, but just simply can’t seem to shed the kilos. Now you know why – portioning is the hidden devil. No matter how healthy you try to eat, stuffing your face with too much of a good thing can still be a bad thing. Exercise portion control and we promise you miracles!

Stay tuned for the next few weeks as we delve deeper into how you can eat healthy to stay healthy!

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