It’s Monday again and we thought we’d brighten up your day with a splash of color and some thought-provoking facts about the bright orange stick that packs a whole lot of nutritional punch – the carrot!

Wonder what makes the carrot a power snack, a dependable ‘green’ and Bugs Bunny’s favorite treat? Simply because there is so much to them! We know you’re smart enough to know that carrots are rich in vitamin A, they are high in fiber, they are exceptionally good for you, and yada yada yada.

Point is, we won’t bore you with the humdrum nutritional facts about carrots. Let’s change things up and find out a few things you probably didn’t know about this glowing healthy treat:


1.     Carrots love being cooked.

Or rather, your body will love you more if you cooked your carrots. Unlike most produce that are more nutritious when consumed raw, your body actually absorbs 3 times more beta-carotene when cook your carrots.

2.     Bugs Bunny really shouldn’t be eating too much of them. (But you should!)

Carrots contain a lot of sugar, which can be bad for little animals when consumed in excess and as a staple. For carrot lovers channeling your inner bugs bunny, we say eat all the carrots you want! But for rabbit owners out there, give your little furry friends carrots only as a dessert and not a main course.

3.     Want a sweet vegetable? Pick a carrot!

As a follow-up from the previous point, carrots are naturally sweet. If you or your little ones are complaining that carrots have a weird bitter taste then you’re probably getting it wrong. Pesticides used in growing carrots can cause them to have a bitter aftertaste and totally undermining the sweetness of this great vegetable. Choose organic carrots and let their natural sweetness cut down most of your cooking condiments.

4.     Carrots really helps you to see better in the dark.

Remember when your mother always told you that eating carrots can help you see better in the dark and you always thought she was just trying to trick you? Well, you thought wrong. Carrots are full of beta-carotene, the substance that gives carrots their bright orange hue, and are converted into Vitamin A in your body – a necessary vitamin for healthy vision. No tricks there.

5.     Eating it in a salad? Pile on the mayo! (Yes, you can.)

We are advising you both on behalf of your taste buds and your health. Contrary to popular belief, a full-fat salad dressing may not always defeat the purpose of a salad. If you’re not cooking it, we say pile on the mayo as a full-fat dressing will help you to better absorb beta-carotene into your body as compared to a fat-free dressing. It’s been scientifically proven, so no judgment – in fact, good judgment.

6.     Need an extra boost of energy? Carrots will do the trick.

Much like how bananas are touted as the athlete’s choice of an energy booster, carrots are set to take the energy industry by storm very soon. It is said that 3 whole carrots can give you enough energy to walk 3 whole miles. (That’s 4.8km, we just had to use miles for that effect.)

Image from frenchrevolutionfood.com


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