Quan Fa Organic Farm has been playing host to various groups of urbanites the past few weeks and we are loving it! Whether you’ve bought a Groupon farm tour or have gathered your friends round to sign up for a tour package or are sending your little ones off with their classes into the world of nature, we are excited all the same.

There’s no denying, Singaporeans are all urbanites and no matter how much we try to integrate green into our environment, we are ultimately still 90% of an urban, concrete jungle. Nature and forests make way for skyscrapers and paved walkways. That is also why it heartens us so much when we chance upon a nature lover or appreciators of organic food.

Besides showing consumers a little behind-the-scenes action of how their food came about and what their growing process is (Read also: What You See is What You Get), Quan Fa Organic also holds our farm tours with one underlying objective: To reintroduce nature to our urbanites, young and old!

Quan Fa Organic Farm Tour kids   Quan Fa Organic Farm Tour kids

We’ve recently hosted an approximate of 88 inquisitive little urbanites right here in our farm. From asking questions to daringly tasting freshly plucked organic greens, and even trying their hands at planting sprouts, we just can’t express the joy of having them bouncing around our farm in words.

See more pictures in our Facebook album: Reintroducing Nature to Little Urbanites

Now, if you think you’re too old to be learning about the wonders of nature, we urge you to think again! Mother nature is for all ages! We have hosted many adults and elderly who have finished the tours with nothing but a heightened understanding for nature and the greens that they consume.

Our latest promotion on Groupon have seen many urbanites pass through the gates of our little farm, and we are mighty pleased to see excited faces to say the least. Purchasers of this promotional farm tour can expect a hands-on experience on this tour. No, we don’t believe in the textbook stuff. See it, feel it, smell it, taste it, or even try doing it for yourself!

Here’s a sneak peak into some of the past tours we’ve had:

Quan Fa Organic Farm Tour  Quan Fa Organic Farm Tour 283883_271685222933664_163100056_n

See more albums on our Facebook page: Quan Fa Organic Facebook

For those who see yourself in the pictures, don’t be shy! Feel free to tag yourselves, family, friends, comment on how we did and how we can improve. You can also leave reviews on our Facebook page to let us know how we’re doing!

Oh, of course – don’t forget to spread the word around and help us reach our goal of 1,200 likes. We will be keeping our promise of introducing a special edition of Step Into Nature’s Classroom once we hit our target!


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