Let’s set the record straight. Vegetarian and vegan places are not the only ones concerned about what goes into their food. Many places are now more conscious about the quality of ingredients they use, so as to serve their customers with high quality food that they deserve.

Last week, we took a look at some of the restaurants you guys might not know that import our locally grown produce. (Read more: Organic Everywhere) Today, we are going to share some of the smaller, more focused cafes that also use or carry Quan Fa Organic products!

161 Middle Road, Singapore 188978

Run by a group of people with a wicked sense of humor and one of Singapore’s most creative chefs, Artichoke Café & Bar specializes in Middle-Eastern food. However, you probably won’t find that dish you have been craving since your last trip to the Middle East. What they really serve is ‘deviant Middle-Eastern food’, just because they love doing things differently.

From making sure that they use top quality ingredients in their dishes to using communal plates and even down to the ‘hey bro’ chummy service, Artichoke promises good food, good service and an overall unforgettable dining experience without all the “pretentious bullsh*t”.

18 Cross Street, China Square Central, Marsh &McLennan Centre, #B1-02

 Let’s not deny it. Whenever we feel like we need to start eating and drinking healthy, we immediately think of the friendliest option – a smoothie! Fresh, sweet, rich and a cool relief in Singapore’s sweltering heat, but who really wants to bust out a blender to do all that work just for one smoothie?

Not us! Well, not when we find out that LINS smoothies (or smoodees, as they call it) ups the whole ‘health conscious’ game by not including any sugar or milk into their smoothies. Pure and au naturel, just the way we like it.

Psst: LINS really stands for Lovingly Infused with Nature’s Sweetness. Smart? We think so too.

149 Rocher Road, #02-08/09, Fu Lu Shou Complex

Talking about convenience, this café is a one-stop solution. Comprising of a café and an organic store on the side, fill up your tummies with healthy organic and vegetarian food and then head to the store to stock up on supplies for your own home cooking!

This homely and spacious café serves up wholesome and hearty dishes that are said to have detoxing properties. It might not seem like it but they also have high traffic, so don’t be surprised to see reserved tables!

73 Circular Road, #01-01
7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-102

Specializing in all things organic, Nothing But Green is not only 2 delis, but also an organic retail shop! With the main aim of encouraging their customers to make educated choices in what they buy and what they eat.

Serving a wide range of food from curry stew to tofu burger and even Korean masisseoyo (organic beef stew) at affordable prices, we wont’ be surprised if you forgot that you were even in a health café!

110 Killiney Road, Tai Wah Building

What do you do with 4,000 sq ft of restaurant space? Well, Real Food @ Killiney chose to turn it into a lifestyle restaurant housing books, grocery, music and a little extra space to breathe. And we think that’s the best choice.

A symbolic venue that showcases the other side of food, Real Food @ Killiney will not let you down with their expansive menu and, wait for it… All-day Breakfast! We don’t know about you but we love our breakfast at any time of the day!

434 Upper Bukit Timah Road, The Rail Mall

If you’re located in the west and are looking for one-stop green experience, we highly recommend the Sunny Choice Organic. Carrying a wide range of organic products from fresh produce to bread to toiletries, we think that the best part of Sunny Choice is their quaint little café!

We’ve heard rave reviews about their Abacus dish and Thunder Tea set, but if you’re game to try something new, let us know how you like their vegetarian sushi and the artichoke tea!

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