What goes up must come down; what was sown will be reaped. And what is wasted should be recycled – at least that’s what we think. Recently, we’ve taken a look at the massive spike in food wastage in Singapore, what has contributed to it, and measures that can be taken to reduce food wastage. (See also: The Dirty Truth, Scraps That Matter, Picking Up The Pieces, and Food For Thought)

Besides consciously making an effort to reduce food waste at home and at business organizations handling food, the only other way around this matter is to increase recycling efforts. Creative recycling methods also tackle the challenging task of killing two birds with one stone – reducing food wastage, and probably saving costs, increasing productivity and even generating energy.

Commendable efforts by some commercial businesses such as the ION mall and Clarke Quay shops have taken the first step in food wastage recycling. With the help of an external recycling party, it was as simple as separating food wastes from the non-food wastes.

Every Little Thing Counts

Who said that recycling needed to be on a bigger scale to have any effect on society? Taking things to a personal level, food wastage recycling can actually impact your community.


Take for example a voluntary welfare organization, Food From The Heart they may not be operating on a massive scale, but the work they do definitely has bearings on many lives. They collect unwanted bread from bakeries and hotels, and channel them to the needy community. Doesn’t sound like much? To put things into perspective, the organization collects about $150,000 worth of unsold bread and buns a month!

On A Personal Note

the little things

The collective effort of every individual can amount to great things. If you run a bakery, café, restaurant or your business handles food regularly, you should look into donating to charities or organizations that help the needy as a first step to reducing food wastage.

If you do not have enough food wastage to donate, do remember that there are still many ways to reduce food wastage in the home. (Read: Picking Up The Pieces)

“Improvement can come only through greater awareness, less apathy and more cooperation from the public in controlling waste and helping recycling efforts.” – Dr V. Subramaniam

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