Food wastage is at a record high and despite what how others say that there’s nothing much we can do – there is. There is always something we can do to help reduce waste, no matter how small the contribution.

Moderation is Key

We cannot emphasize the importance of ‘moderation’ enough. It is a simple concept that applies to, and benefits our every day lives. The opposite of ‘moderation’ is ‘excessiveness’, which undoubtedly brings along a whole host of negative effects.

Eating everything in moderation keeps your body and health balanced. Excessive eating can cause lethargy, obesity and other health problems. Exercising in moderation keeps your body healthy, and the opposite of that can wear your body out. Likewise, the purchasing of groceries for your home should also be done in moderation.

There is no need for you to stock up your pantry excessively, a mistake most people make because of the hassle or temptation of promotions and discounts.

Always Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals carefully before cooking allows you to ascertain the type and specific amounts of ingredients you will need. Make a list before setting out to the grocery store, and buy only what you need.

While planning your meals, try to ensure that all parts of the ingredients are fully utilized. For example when your meringue recipe calls for 4 egg whites, find something to do with the 4 egg yolks instead of tossing them out mindlessly. You’ll be surprised to find a range of recipes online that caters for such leftovers.

Ensuring that you don’t have any leftovers from your meals means that you will not have the obligation to work with leftovers for your next meal. If you have any leftovers, try to tweak your recipes and transform leftovers into amazing dishes.

First In, First Out

Storage is a key component in helping to prevent excessive food wastage. Start by keeping your kitchen well organized. Arrange your pantry in such a way that everything you have is in sight and within easy reach. This is so that you know what you have, and can plan your meals more effectively around them.

The First In, First Out (FIFO) System is used by millions of conscious home-cooks around the world. This system is simply what it is – put newer groceries at the back and move older ones to the front. Use the ones in front first. The freshness and utilization of groceries, especially perishables, benefit greatly from this system.

Use the AVA Food Storage Guide to help you determine where, how to, and how long to store your groceries for maximum freshness.

From Farm to Fork

If you want to take a step further in helping the environment, purchase local produce over the prepackaged ones found in supermarkets. Doing so not only helps your community, but also limits emission and cuts down on processing/packaging wastage.

Choosing to go for organic products (if possible) will further lessen the environmental impact of your food.

Image from top-10-list.org


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