Singapore’s weather has been so crazy lately, with smog-filled air that’s unhealthy to breathe in and freak thunder and hail storms. It is no wonder that people have been falling sick. Staying hydrated should be everyone’s top priority not only in tough times, but everyday as well.

While most people think that staying hydrated means chugging numerous bottles and glasses of water, there are also many fruits and vegetables that have high water content which can help you change things up and hydrate you just as well. First, we explore the top 5 benefits of keeping your body well-hydrated at all times:

1. Regulates Body Temperature

Yes, it’s been blowing hot and cold. The haze brings the temperature up and makes it insufferably suffocating. Heck, it even turns the sun red! Fast forward a few days later and we have massive thunderstorms and some freak hailstorm in the west. When it blows hot and cold like that, having enough fluids in your body helps to regulate your body temperature.

That means when it’s too hot, drinking enough fluids can help keep your body cool – and vice versa. This also prevents incidences of heat stroke or any heat-related injuries to your body. When you’re cold, drinking a warm glass of water or tea can also instantly make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

2. Cleanses Toxins from Your Body

As much as staying well-hydrated can regulate your body temperature, these fluids also help in regulating toxins and waste in your body. One of your wonder-organs, the kidneys, need a large amount of water to help it do its work. They filter waste from the blood and excrete it in urine.

Insufficient amounts of water and fluids may cause your kidneys to stop working, leading to a build up of toxins in your body. Staying adequately hydrated also helps in the prevention of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

3. Weight Loss

Drinking water helps us to lose weight.. what?! It’s true – water or fluids makes up 75% of our body weight. When your body does not have enough fluids to help it function regularly, it will hold onto whatever fluid is left in your body and not allowing you to pass it out. This excess weight is known as fluid retention and adds to the total of your body weight.

Keeping your body well-hydrated at all times lets your body know that you will be constantly rehydrating it and that it will not be threatened, eliminating its need to hold onto excess fluids. Less fluid retention, less body weight!

4. Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Your brain requires optimum levels of fluids to help it function. Staying focused and comprehensions skills are just two of the many functions that your brain helps you with in your daily lives. Don’t forget that the brain also controls the rest of your bodily functions, nerves and organs. Studies have shown that just a decrease in 2-4% of your body weight in water can affect mental function!

*Psst: An interesting study showed that students who brought water bottles in to exams tend to do better than their counterparts who walked in without water. You know what to do!

5. Build Up Your Immune System 

As far as we’ve shown how water and fluids are key to regulation in our body – both temperature and toxins, they also help in regulating nutrients in your body. Making sure that nutrients you consume is able to travel to all parts of the body is key in building up your immune system to combat against illness and viruses.


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