More and more people are starting to realize that farms still do exist in the ultra-modern city that is Singapore. And conscious consumers have started to take a step towards eating better.

Eating Better Impacts Lives

By eating ‘better’, we mean eating both healthily and responsibly. Do not mistake eating to just be a simple act of purchasing and consuming food when your hunger pangs strike – eating better can affect not only your life but also everyone’s around you.

In our previous few articles, we’ve talked about the impact of local produce and local businesses and called for readers like you to support your community by going local and keeping small businesses in mind. We’ve also shared how getting local produce from your local farmers can mean a world of difference.

So, why choose Quan Fa Organic? This is truly a difficult topic to broach, especially when there are other contenders in the market, and taking it notch too far can make us seem narcissistic, and understating it can be selling ourselves short.

Staying True to Our Roots

To start off, when we say local, we truly mean local. That means Quan Fa Organic boasts a physical farm which you can conveniently pop by, walk around, see what’s going on, and most importantly – trust.

Unlike other organic businesses that hide behind an online front and sell produce from the screen, Quan Fa Organic stays true to its roots by offering up a wholesome and au naturel experience, planting and supplying fresh produce on true, blue Singaporean soil.

Old-World Nutrition with Modern-Day Convenience

We can’t even begin to gush about the benefits of going organic and consuming local produce. From reduced handling to increased nutrition, we promise you nothing less than fresh, delicious goodness.

Abiding by strict handling protocol here at Quan Fa Organic, harvesting it right and minimizing machinery handling ensures that the local produce we offer stays as natural and organic as possible, without compromising on its nutrients and freshness. (Read also: As Fresh As It Gets)

In keeping up with the times, we understand that consumers want convenience to relieve their already hectic life. By offering an online ordering and delivery service, we aim to deliver freshly picked goodness to your doorstep with minimum to no fuss at all.

By collating your orders, harvesting them fresh in the morning and delivering them by the afternoon, we are able to ensure the freshness of the produce that ends up on your doorstep – all with the click of just a few buttons, and at the comfort of your own home.

[Psst: If you wish to place an order online, click here. Or if you would like to walk in to our on-site store, we are open every weekend from 9am to 5pm.]


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