Conscious consumers are increasingly making the shift to support local businesses and Singapore’s economy is slowly but surely seeing an increase in support for our local endeavors as well.

There are many reasons why people are starting to support local businesses and there certainly are many advantageous benefits in doing so. (Read more: Support Your Community, Go Local!)

Local Businesses in Singapore

As international as Singapore is becoming, there is a subculture in its underbelly that is set to take this little country by storm. Yes, we are talking about the local businesses that are conceptualized, started, and operated within the confines of our small land area.

If you walk through a mall here, chances are at least 3-5% of the shops are local brands that have started out from humble beginnings. And if you take a little stroll through the more ‘hippie’ areas of Haji Lane, Tiong Bahru and a few other up-and-coming spots, at least 90% of the stores there are local businesses.

All these businesses are painstakingly started by Singaporeans with dreams of making their fellow Singaporeans’ lives easier, or by providing us with more options and better quality goods at more affordable prices.

Local Farms in Singapore

Hidden away from plain view, many locally-based agricultural ‘businesses’ can also be found in the outskirts of Singapore – yes, by that we mean farms. Many gasp and are very surprised that Singapore has its very own farms, even in our little land area.

Contrary to ignorant beliefs, farmers are not poor blokes who are not able to find jobs in the society! Land is expensive in Singapore and most farmers pay high prices to rent land from the government in hopes of enhancing and improving the quality of life for Singaporeans.

By producing our very own vegetables, eggs, milk, seafood, etc., our farmers are pursuing lofty goals of building up the local community, and providing Singaporeans with top-quality produce at more affordable prices.

For many, seeing is believing. And informed consumers, too, prefer to know where their food comes from. Purchasing from and supporting our local farms will also contribute back to the community as supporting local businesses do.

Support some of our many local farms here in Singapore today!

Image from samthelamb.blogspot.com




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