Harvesting at the right time and with the right technique plays a huge part in ensuring the quality of produce and food that ends up on your plate. Do you know how your vegetables and fruits were harvested.

We recently talked about the importance of harvesting and techniques used by industry professionals all around the world. (Read more: H is for Harvesting) Today we take a look at the methods that we employ here at Quanfa Organic Farm!

How We Do It

The two main methods of harvesting are mechanical harvesting, and hand harvesting. Here at Quanfa Organic, we are proud to say that all of our crops are hand harvested by our farmers daily.

As a small, family-run farm, we believe that hand harvesting our crops will ensure that they are given the care and gentle treatment they deserve. This also means top quality produce for our customers.

Bright and Early

While most of you are sound asleep or just getting up from bed, our farmers are already hard at work in the fields. At Quanfa Organic, our main harvesting time is between 7-10am.

Harvesting times usually vary with the crops’ growth and the climate in which they are growing. For Singapore’s climate and the particular crops that are growing at our farm, we have chosen a specific harvesting time frame that has optimum conditions for both our farmers and our crops.

As much as we care for our crops, we care for our farmers too. For farmers, our early harvesting time means that they don’t have to be out in the scorching heat in the middle of the day, and they can work in better conditions. Our particular crops are also at their most vibrant stages early in the morning – the prime time for harvesting. This means fresh-looking, succulent vegetables for our customers!

Fresh to Your Doorstep

Besides harvesting everything by hand, our farm also packages our produce on-site immediately after harvesting. The whole process is done by the end of the morning to ensure maximum freshness of our produce.

These harvested and packaged produce are then shipped off to both our corporate and personal customers as soon as possible. From farm to your doorstep, you can be assured that your produce is treated with nothing but tender loving care. 

Psst: If you like the way we treat our crops/produce and wish to place an order online, click here. Or if you would like to walk in to our on-site store, we are open every weekend from 9am to 6pm.


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