From home garden enthusiasts to professional farmers, compost is one of the top recommended sources of organic matter. For those of you who have visited our farm or gone on one of our farm tours, you would’ve seen our little mountains of compost.

And we can’t stress this enough – natural compost is crucial to healthy and great tasting organic produce! Here at Quanfa, we have painstakingly tweaked and developed our very own compost system which can guarantee optimum results of our crops. (Read more about it here: Why We Love Compost)

Loaded with Nutrients

Compost, which is basically the controlled breaking down of organic matter, is nature’s best fertiliser! A thriving community of microorganisms aids the decomposition process and helps to develop a whole host of vital nutrients for the soil.

Top quality compost can see the introduction of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, copper, iron and zinc – all of which will seep into the crops to produce nutrient-packed goodness.

Better Soil Structure

Trying to plant something in your garden but it seems to die quickly or does not even grow? That could be because of the poor soil structure in your garden. All plants need arable soil to be able to thrive and grow healthily.

Soil, with a healthy structure, has a crumbly texture that allows for free movement of air, water and energy. When used correctly, compost in soil can ensure that soil is not compacted, improving its ability to retain moisture and nutrients. 

Defense Against Soil-Borne Diseases

Top quality, stable and well-decomposed compost have disease-preventing properties when added to the soil used to plant your crops. 

If you’ve touched our compost pile while visiting our farms, you would’ve felt how warm it was when it was still undergoing the composting process. This natural high temperature kills plant pathogens (disease-causing microorganism/bacteria/virus).

Soils that lack the organic matter compost brings to the soil are usually susceptible to developing soil-borne diseases, causing the crops to wither or be unhealthy to consume.

Organic Compost at Quanfa


Here at Quanfa, our compost is made up of 100% organic materials. We also understand how some people have reservations about using manure or any other animal waste products in their compost/fertiliser – to some it may be considered dirty, to the other it’s the nasty smell.

The Quanfa Compost System (See also: Why We Love Compost) never uses animal waste. Containing natural materials such as sawdust, vegetables, fruit skins and yeast, our compost system also uses a unique culturing medium which helps to eliminate odours from the decomposition process (that’s why our farm doesn’t smell as bad as some other farms do!)

No artificial chemicals such as synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used in our compost, ensuring 100% organic crops that are healthy for consumption at all times.

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