Ahh, taste – one of the most subjective topics around. Rumour has it that organic food tastes way better than their conventional counterparts – how does it all weigh in?


Of course, everyone has his or her own opinion on what tastes good and what doesn’t. For some, vegetables in general do not even taste good. How, then, can people say that organic produce taste better?

Burst of Flavor

To put things into perspective, we reckon what most people meant when they talk about the ‘better taste’ would be the intense flavours and fragrance of the fruits and vegetables.

The UK Soil Association 2001 review found that conventionally grown produce tend to contain higher levels of water than organic ones which contain 20% more dry matter. This extra water is seen to dilute the flavor and nutrients in conventional produce.

While first timers may not be able to taste the difference, long time fresh produce consumers have reported that as compared to regular salads, the organic ones had an added ‘dimension of energy and nourishment’ – and these people have been eating fresh produce for over 8 years!

Appealing to Your Senses

As many would have already noticed, organic produce aren’t exactly the best looking ones of the bunch. With many imperfections and visual flaws such as stains, pest marks, unwaxed or odd-shaped appearances (See Also: Same Old Brand New Crops), organic produce makes up for it in nutrients, taste and fragrance.

Comparative studies have shown that organic produce, in spite of its unappetising looks, displays enhanced organoleptic qualities. This means superior taste and richer aroma as compared to their conventional counterparts.

If you have been put off vegetables by its bitter taste before, that is the work of conventional agriculture. Fruits and vegetables have a natural sweetness that is unfortunately masked by the bitterness of chemicals found in conventional produce.

Natural sugars also develop in fruits and vegetables after they ripen fully. Organic agriculture allows the produce to ripen fully and develop these sugars before it is harvested. Most conventional produce, on the other hand, is harvested early and put through artificial ripening processes.

Taste Masters

We may not trust our tastebuds but these taste masters can’t be wrong – hundreds of gourmet chefs all over the world, especially renowned ones, are choosing organic food as part of their ingredients. This is not because they care about being part of the organic food trend or that they want to do their part to be environmentally-friendly.

Let’s face it. Chefs do everything for the taste. Every single ingredient and spice is picked out to enhance the flavour of the dish and choosing organic produce is one of the simplest ways to boost the flavour of the dish. Chefs that chosen to go organic have reported that they believe organic food has ‘superior taste and quality’.

While it may be difficult to pick up an unappetising fruit or vegetable, we urge you to at least try it for a few times and even do a comparative taste test for yourself. Taste the difference and we promise you won’t turn back!

Images from sandiegowic.org




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