When you’re rich in health, you’ll also be rich in wealth. As promised, we will look at some antioxidant-rich foods and drinks in our everyday lives that will not only boost your health but also keep your body away from harm!

Antioxidants have the amazing ability to preserve your body. Read more about how antioxidants help you here: Amazing Antioxidants


Blackberries – Boasting tons of health benefits, blackberries is also the number one berry that carries a large amount of antioxidants. When compared to strawberries, cranberries, blueberries and raspberries, a cup of blackberries is tested to have the most number of antioxidants amongst them all.

Kiwi – One of the fruits that contain the highest levels of antioxidants, the kiwi beat oranges, apples, grapefruits and mandarins. Containing polyphenols, a substance rich in antioxidants, the gold kiwi fruit came up tops in high levels of antioxidants. The green kiwi came second.

Everyday Drinks

Coffee – Most people drink cups of coffee day after day, counting on the caffeine to give them an energy boost. Little do they know that coffee also contains antioxidants that help reduce the risk of Diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. It also helps produce enzymes in your body that can help prevent colon cancer.

Red Wine – Almost everyone’s guilty pleasure after dinner, having up to two glasses of red wine is also a great source of antioxidants. Red wine contains bioflavenoids which help to reduce blood clots and strokes. How is red wine effective? You need to drink 7 glasses of orange juice or 12 glasses of white wine for the same effect as 2 glasses of red wine! (Note that more than 2 glasses a day will have adverse effects)

Green Tea – As compared to black tea, green tea is definitely healthier. From reducing the risk of heart disease to preventing hypertension, a single cup of green tea a day can bring about a number of great health benefits. (Note that more than 2 glasses a day will result in excessive tannin intake causing bladder deficiency)

Sweet Treats

Dark Chocolate – While milk and white chocolate may be loaded with sugar and is fattening, dark chocolate actually carries with it some health benefits! Loaded with catechins, one of the richest sources of antioxidants, dark chocolate can be good for you when taken in moderation.

Raisins – Usually eaten as a healthy snack or stuffed into our oatmeal cookies, these little sweet treats contain a surprising amount of antioxidants. Research has shown that raisins, when compared against their original grape counterparts, contain 3 times as much antioxidants. Because drying the fruit causes it to be concentrated, you can eat a small amount of raisins and still get high levels of health benefits!


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