Since the start of the century, antioxidants have become ‘popular’ with drinks and healthy snacks boasting that they contain antioxidants. But what exactly are they? We break it down for you.

Most know antioxidants in their vitamin form – Vitamins A and E. Simply, antioxidants are substances or nutrients in our food that can help to prevent ‘oxidative damage’ in our bodies.

Oxidative damage causes health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and more. When our bodies use up oxygen, by-products called free radicals are produced.

These free radicals can cause damage to the body and lead numerous health problems. Antioxidants act as ‘scavengers’ and destroys these free radicals before they cause further damage to your body.

Common Antioxidants include Vitamins A, C and E. If you don’t already know which fruits contain what kind of vitamins, a good hint would be to pick out bright coloured fruits and vegetables for Vitamin A, lots of citrus fruits like oranges for Vitamin C, and green leafy vegetables for Vitamin E.

Here are some examples of foods that contain antioxidants:

Vitamin A – Carrots, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Sweet potatoes, Peaches and Apricots

Vitamin C – Oranges, Lime, Broccoli, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Green peppers

Vitamin E – Seeds, Nuts, Green Leafy Vegetables, Whole Grains, Vegetable Oil

Before you run off thinking that only fruits and vegetables contain the antioxidant you need. We ensure you that other protein foods also contain the highly sought after antioxidants.

Selenium is another substance found in our foods that contains antioxidants. Foods such as fish, shell fish, red meats, grains, eggs, chicken and garlic contains selenium and antioxidants!

Now that you know more about antioxidants, remember to plan your meals and snacks carefully such that you get the maximum intake of antioxidants to help your body fight free radicals!

Oh, before we forget, having a glass of that red wine after your meal also adds to your daily intake of antioxidants. So, drink up!

Watch out for our next article that share more about antioxidant-rich foods!

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