Many people have fallen prey to false advertising and advertising messages of losing weight and being stick-thin to prove that they are healthy. Exercising excessively does not mean that you are healthy. In fact, if you exert your body too much, your body is far from being healthy!

While exercise is a part of staying healthy, watching what you put into your body plays just as big a part in your health. Read on to find out how being healthy is really not that difficult.

You don’t have to give up the good stuff.

Understandably, it’s all the unhealthy food that tastes the best. Just limit yourself to two servings a week and find healthier options if you can. Instead of deep-frying your favourite portion of fries, why not bake them? Catch yourself when you reach for those nuggets and make your own chicken snacks.

No one said anything about giving up meat.

While eating a whole lot of fruits and vegetables does in fact improve your health, you do not have to be on a strict vegetarian or vegan diet to prove that you’re eating healthy. Vegetarians can eat fries and all of the unhealthy snacks you can think of.

Eating meat in moderation is key. Ensure that your meat is cooked in with less fat and seasoning. Use and consume more natural products in your cooking and you will notice the difference.

Eating healthy is easy.

Simply introduce an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Start the kids off early and nurture the good habit of doing so. Eat a balanced meal and ensure that there is as much fibre and vitamins (fruits and vegetables are your friends!) in your meal as there are protein (meat and eggs).

And to top it all off, stay healthy! Have an active lifestyle and keep on moving.

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