Let’s be honest. Almost all of us are guilty of pushing away our veggies to the side of our plate and refused to eat our daily share of greens when we were kids. Remember the mushy lumps of green that tasted like nothing? What about that bitter aftertaste after your parents forced you to eat up all the vegetables on your plate?

Well, if your kids are doing the same thing now, fret not! Read on for some tips your parents never knew on how to get your little ones to eat their greens!

Think Colours

Besides cooking your green leafy vegetables well, there are other ways to include fibre and vitamins into your kids diet. Kids are usually attracted to bright colours and would naturally gravitate towards them.

Luckily for us, many fruits and vegetables come in different shades of ‘bright and colourful’! From carrots to red cabbages to kiwis, there are just about a hundred and one different healthy colour choices and combinations we could put together on our kids’ plates to get them eating. 

Go Raw

Organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables have a natural sweetness to them. However with today’s sugary diets, most taste buds can no longer pick out these sweetness without the need for added dressing or sweeteners.

Refresh your kids’ palates by starting them out with flavourful fruit salads with little to no dressing. Gradually lose the dressing and get them to eat raw fruits and vegetables on a daily basis by letting them choose what they like and ensuring that they get a variety of healthy goodness.

If your kids are still complaining about a bitter aftertaste, that is due to the chemicals that have been injected to the fruits and vegetables at the farms. It may be wise to change to organic produce which does not involve chemicals at any stage of the growing process.

What They Can’t See Can’t Hurt Them

If there is a certain type of food your kids particularly enjoy, it should be easy to chop up the fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces and incorporate them into their everyday meals.

As the saying goes, “What they can’t see can’t hurt them”. ‘Health up’ their favourite dishes discreetly and try to conceal it if you can. Do not bring attention to it until they finish the meal and ask you about your latest additions to the dish.

As long as you are able to ensure the same great taste to their favourite dishes, you can be sure that the kids will gobble them down no matter what.

Snack It

As much as we love the taste of chips and unhealthy food, the other reason that keeps us snacking is the convenience. We naturally prefer bite-sized pieces instead of having to bite into a big piece of food and making a mess.

Start your kids out with dried fruits conservatively – remember to look out for (and avoid!) added sugar and preservatives – and slowly move on to using fresh fruits. Cut them up into ready-to-eat bite-sized snacks that they can take with them anywhere.

If you want to add some flavour to these ‘healthy snacks’, feel free to offer them with some healthy dips or pour some homemade vinaigrette over them for the added flavour and antioxidant boost!

Be creative and good luck!

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