(Proportion by weight)

Pumpkin – 75%

Beetroot – 20%

Brown onion – 5% (thinly sliced)

Vegetable stock

Fresh Quail eggs


Preparing quail eggs

1. Boil a pot of water until just below boiling point (93 DegC)

2.  Put the eggs in the water for 2mins then place the eggs in cold water (not icy cold)

3. Gently peel the shell and handle the egg with care

4. Put the eggs aside in cold water

Preparing beetroot

1. Wash the beetroot and put in a pot of water and boil

2. Beetroot is ready when you can put a fork through without much force

3. Put beetroot in chill water; use a knife to lightly scrape off the skin (it will come off easily)

4. Cut beetroot roughly and put aside

Preparing the pumpkin

1. Roast pumpkin sections (in a preheated oven @ 190 DegC) for 30mins

2.  When the roasted pumpkin is ready, the skin peels off and seeds can be removed easily.

3.  Cut the pumpkin into large chunks

Preparing the broth

1. Sweat the onions in a pot, allow some caramelisation.

2. Put in the beetroot and sauté until the beetroot is slightly caramelised

3. Put the roasted pumpkin into the pot and pour in the vegetable stock until about half inch above the vegetables and let it simmer.

4.  Blend the soup until smooth, either using a hand blender or stand-alone.

5. Add more vegetable stock until desired consistency

6.  Salt and pepper to taste

7. Serve warm with the quail egg

Image from (who also has a variation of this soup with carrots! do check it out!)


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