Who said bittergourd was bitter and boring? Try this recipe for a dish that’s healthy and packed with flavours!


200g Bittergourd

2 Tbsp Dried Shrimps (chopped)

2 Eggs

1-2 Tsp Sugar

Cooking Wine (splash)

Soy sauce (optional)


1. Cut bittergourd lengthwise; use a dinner spoon to remove the seeds

2. Slice the gourd to fairly thin slices

3. Heat a tablespoon of oil in a wok / pan and put in the bittergourd and stri fry in high heat for about 2mins

4. Add the dried shrimps and continue to fry until the vegetable is ¾ cooked

5. Scoop the bittergourd out from the wok and set aside

6. While the wok is still hot, scramble the eggs until half cooked and add the bittergourd back and combine the ingredients thoroughly, pour a splash of cooking wine and sugar season with soy sauce if necessary

7. Serve piping hot!

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