Rice is a great accompaniment to any meal. It fills us up and even white rice is better for us than other more stodgy filling foods such as bread.

But how do you make rice taste a bit more interesting? If you’re tired of just eating plain rice, give one of our simple taste-boosting tips a try.


Try adding chicken or vegetable stock to your rice as it cooks. This does involve boiling the rice rather than steaming it, but you’re left with a delicious dish that can be eaten alone or meats and vegetables. The stock will add a delicate flavour to the rice that will keep you coming back for me.

This simple trick is quick and easy, if you don’t have any stock handy you will be able to pick up ready made or dried powder from most supermarkets.

Spice it up

Adding dried chilli pieces or powder to your rice and giving it a good stir adds a great kick to the meal. If you don’t like spicy foods try adding some chopped coriander for a strong but refreshing kick to your dish.


This dish is a little more work than the others but definitely worth it! Set your rice off steaming and while you wait take some flaked almonds, which you can find in most food stores and lightly brown them in a pan, on a low heat. Add a generous amount of good quality butter and allow it to melt.

Ensure that the heat is kept low keep stirring regularly. After around 30 seconds take the pan off the heat and stir the almond and butter mixture in to your freshly steamed rice. A delicious dish for a rainy evening!


This is an old trick, simply add some thick coconut milk to your boiling rice and cook as usual. You will be left with a scrumptious batch of rice with a lovely coconut after taste. This can be eaten a long with a meal, Thai dishes go great with this, or if you need a quick snack why not make a batch and dip in to it whenever you’re feeling hungry?

So there we have it 4 ways to make your evening meal a little more interesting, but don’t stop there, why not have a go at creating your own signature rice dish?

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