Be prepared for some ‘Scare-lloween’ fun at Quan Fa Organic Farm 

Few Dare to Venture into the suburban on this very night. Rumor has it that the vegetables come alive! Are you bold enough to venture into the farm on this spooky evening? Be spooked out by the ghastly decorations. Let your imaginations run amok as you take a slow and dark walk across the farm.

Feel, taste and smell our very own homegrown organic product produce by the moonlight and the occasion witch’s magic. Join us in our cozy BOO!RGANIC food testing session, and you will be able to design you very own salad, using the food ingredients that you have tested!

So come on down! BOO!RGANIC happening on the 27 October, Saturday! Pay only $15 per pax!

Limited space only! So hurry book your slots now @ BOO!RGANIC

For any enquirers please call +65 9012 4827


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