Tired of cooking? Check out some of these organic restaurants in Singapore!

Singapore has just hopped onto the band wagon of the organic food trend. With more Singaporeans going for the healthier choice, consuming organic food is one of the main ways of eating healthy.

Organic food is easily available in Singapore since major supermarkets have decided to tap into the market and cater to this growing trend. NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage has specifically set aside a section just for organic food products. Apart from supermarkets, you can also get your fix of organic food products in the few organic farms in Singapore too.

Too lazy to whip up an organic dish? Check out some of these café and restaurants that serve good organic food in Singapore:

L’Organic Café

Upon hearing the name of this café, you would associate it to something French. You’re right – L’Organic carries an array of exquisite organic products from both Italy and France. It offers almost 60 different varieties of different organic fruits and vegetables.

This cozy café also offers light meals like muesli, yogurt, caprese salads, baguettes, sandwiches and some pasta dishes for breakfast and lunch. All of the ingredients used are organic.

18A Dempsey Road, Singapore 249677

Glow Juice Bar and Café

Glow Juice Bar boasts an extensive list of fresh smoothies that would get not only you, but your little ones clamouring for some juice!

Do also try their signature dessert: Soya Crème Brulee. This dish is made up of organic soy milk and light cream. This melt-in-your-mouth dessert slides down your throat, and is equally (if not more) delicious than its original counterpart.

581 Orchard Road, Singapore 238883

Organic Paradise

Touted as one of the must-eat organic restaurants in Singapore, Organic Paradise comes highly recommended by organic foodies. Apart from being really tasty, they are very affordably priced too. Their menu consists of burgers, spaghetti, fried noodles and curry noodles. This is one restaurant that is wholesome and value for money.

Orchard Point B1-03/04, Singapore 238842

Create Healthy Lifestyle

Craving for sushi? Create Healthy Lifestyle is a vegetarian café that has a creative twist to sushi rolls – they specialise in vegetarian brown-rice fruit sushi rolls! Do also try their cold toufu salad – many foodies have raved about it!

Apart from those dishes, this eatery also offers a rather innovative menu. Anyone game for some vegan chocolate and durian-flavoured tofu cake?

02-17 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979

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