Wheatgrass has long been reputed as one of the healthiest foods around. Find out why!

Most health conscious people would understand what we mean, when we call the wheatgrass a ‘power-packed’ plant. Boasting an extensive list of benefits, we think a blogpost like this wouldn’t be enough to do it justice!

Let’s start off with the top 5 most substantial good this green plant does to our bodies internally:

1. Increases red blood cells

The chlorophyll that wheatgrass comes with, has similarities to our blood. Consuming wheatgrass can help to cleanse and detoxify our body, especially our blood, organs and intestines of unwanted debris.

2. Lowers blood pressure

Wheatgrass dilates (enlarge) the arteries and veins throughout the body, aiding in the reduction of blood pressure.

 3. Has fat-fighting attributes!

When consumed regularly, wheatgrass also stimulates metabolism and the thyroid gland, making it an effective food in combating obesity, indigestion and many other complaints you have about your body.

4. Neutralizes acidity of blood

When your blood is too acidic, you will find that many problems pertaining to your body will pop up. Ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, are just a few of the many. Consuming wheatgrass restores alkalinity to the blood and relieves many internal pains you may have.

5. Fights cancer!

Having said that it is a good detoxifier, the wheatgrass also has enzymes and amino acids that can protect the body against carcinogens (cancer-causing tissues) by cleansing and neutralizing it, and then digesting the toxins in our cells.

So far, wheatgrass has been used to treat internal bodily ails such as peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, constipation, diarrhea, and other ailments that pertain to the intestines and gastrointestinal tract.

Of course, as with all kinds of healthy food, if the wheatgrass is not consumed properly their health benefits will be drastically lowered. To ensure that you are gaining maximum returns for taking your greens, take note of the following points:

a)    Use only organic wheatgrass.

b)    It is best if you can get it fresh. But it you have the get the powdered version, make sure there are no preservatives or sweeteners added (look at the ingredient list for alien-sounding words ;))

c)    If your main aim is to neutralize the acidity of your blood, make sure that you do not take wheatgrass with spirulina or any other algae which have acidifying qualities.

Watch this space as we unroll external benefits of wheatgrass and share some wheatgrass recipes with you!


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