Curious as to why we store our wheatgrass upside down? Read on to find out why!

We have had many curious customers who were browsing the contents of our fridge asking why our wheatgrass was stored upside down. In fact, some were even confused and asked if we packaged them and incorrectly pasted our ‘stickers’ upside down! Haha, we assure you that this is done intentionally and this post will attempt to explain and clarify some questions you may have about this ‘weird’ practise we have.

For those of you who have been to our farm, we hope you had the chance of taking a glimpse of our beautiful wheatgrass plants! Notice the water droplets that gather at the top of each ‘stalk’? Here, let us refresh your memory:

wheatgrass at Quanfa

This is the way wheatgrass is when it is fresh. Once it is harvested, the moisture is retained within the plant, and the packaging and storage will determine where these water droplets go. By placing it upside down, we are able to direct the water droplets back to its original ‘location’, keeping the plant fresher for a longer period of time.

On the contrary, if we package and store it the right side up, all the retained moisture will travel downwards and collect at the root of the plant. This will cause the roots to start rotting quickly, effectively rendering the plant ‘un-useable’.

By storing it the way we do (upside down), we are able to keep the wheatgrass fresher and it can last for about a week (7 days) after harvesting. And depending on the amount of moisture in your fridge, placing the the wheatgrass the right side up can shorten its lifespan drastically to only about 3 days!

We hope this clarifies any questions you make have, and if you purchased any wheatgrass from us, do store it upside down too until you’re ready to consume it!

Read more about the benefits of wheatgrass here!

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