Heard of GMO but don’t know what on earth that means? We shall attempt to break it down for you! But, no, it is definitely not shorthand for “gimme mo’!”

GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering.  GMOs when grown for food are called Genetically Modified (GM) food. Commercial sale of GM food began in 1994 but little is understood of its impacts or effects. Take a look at the following diagram to help you get a better understanding of it

GMO diagram

Organic Farms, like us at Quan Fa, do not use any GMOs and do not produce GM food. Organic farms use natural strains of seeds and animals and use traditional selective breeding methods instead. These natural seeds have been relatively unchanged for hundreds or thousands of years and are definitely not harmful in any way.

A lot of countries have placed restrictions and regulations on GMOs and GM food. In the European Union for example, there are very stringent regulations and controls on GM foods. In fact, 6 member states (Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Greece and Hungary) have decided to take things one step further and ban GMOs and GM food.

The jury is out on the impacts of GMOs and GM food on human health, environmental health and ecosystem’s health. But we can be sure when we say that natural strains of seed that organic farms use are safe. In fact, we think they are much better in a variety of ways.

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