We know you’ve all been waiting for this and now here it is – the recipes for our National Day farm tour food tasting showcase! 

Finally, the recipe that everyone’s been asking for – our lemongrass, ginger and mint cooler!  A surprisingly simple and refreshing drink that is sure to keep you cool in Singapore’s sweltering heat!



  • 2 litres       Water
  • 2 stalks     Lemongrass
  • 3cm            Ginger
  • Fresh Mint
  • Honey


  1. Bruise the thick end of the lemongrass
  2. Slice the ginger thinly
  3. Put the lemongrass and ginger into the water and bring it to boil. Boil for about 30mins.
  4. Turn off the fire and let it sit for another 15mins
  5. Add honey to desired sweetness
  6. Roughly chop some fresh mint into the drink

Get your organic ingredients HERE !!!!

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