Many started off their National Day out at our farm and truly stepped into Nature’s Classroom! 

It was yet another sunny Thursday morning at Quan Fa Organic Farm – but it was no ordinary day! Besides being  Singapore’s 47th birthday, it was also Quan Fa’s first ever farm tour opened to members of the public. Forget about sleeping in on a public holiday – as early as 9:30am, a sizable crowd from all walks of life gathered at Boon Lay MRT, decked out in red and white.

From the silver-haired to youths to families with strollers, they were gathered at Boon Lay MRT for one common mission – to step into nature’s classroom and to experience the other side of Singapore. The excitement was palpable and the crowds (possible would-be farmers?) looked all reved up to get their hands down and dirty at Quan Fa. 

A quick bus trip shuttled them over, and many were indeed impressed by the visible change from Singapore’s typical urbanscape to Quan Fa’s sprawling, idyllic landscape – where there was hardly a building in sight against the azure skies.

These budding farmers were then divided into two groups – one would follow JJ for a comprehensive and interactive farm tour around Quan Fa, while the other group would proceed for a unique recipe-sharing and food-tasting session with his chef, Austin.

“Wow I can eat these straight off?” 

Despite the unforgiving rays of the morning sun, the crowds followed JJ with much enthusiasm as he showed them around the farm. From picking the sprouts off the top of the trays to right off the dangling branches. Many were happy to crunch on the organic lettuce, plucked straight from the source and sniff the fragrant goodness of the various herbs and spices like the Thai basil. JJ then explained the cancer-fighting properties of many of his produce – in particular, the 5-vegetable soup, containing radish leaves, carrots, burdock and mushrooms.

Next, JJ introduced to everyone Quan Fa’s special compost – the magic of what makes the 100% organic produce at Quan Fa taste better, sweeter, crunchier and definitely more wholesome! Although initially some were skeptical about running their fingers through this mishmash of decayed vegetables, fruit skins and sawdust, many were surprised to realize that the soil was not only totally dry, odorless and soothingly warm to the touch!

Each member of the tour was then given their very own DIY Wasabi Sprout kit to take home. The instructions given were simple: 1) spread out the soil evenly in the container 2) place the seeds on the top 3) water twice daily 4) watch your sprouts grow within a week! It seems that anyone can be a farmer. 

Meanwhile, the other group gathered round closely for Austin’s food preparation and tasting session. From the pumpkin soup to the banana flower salad and even to the refreshing lemongrass cooler, all ingredients used are organic and products of Quan Fa. Many even asked for second and third servings as they couldn’t get enough of Austin’s great tasting and simple organic dishes. Recipes will be provided shortly.

We hope all of you enjoyed the farm tour as much as we did sharing our farm with you! Watch this space as we will unveil the much-requested recipes and for more organic posts!

Wanna see more pictures? Click here: Step into Nature’s Classroom Tour


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