We dish out the juicy facts about juice!

Ask any doctor and they’ll definitely tell you that eating the whole fruit is better than drinking juice any day. But that doesn’t mean juice is void of benefits. It is the calorie-free way to getting all your vitamins and nutrients of fruits and vegetables in a cup!

Absorbing all the natural goodness

Our body’s ability to efficiently absorb nutrients might be impaired from making poor food choices over the years. Juicing ‘pre-digests’ the fruit for you, so you will be able to absorb all the natural goodness nature has to offer! Contrast that to watching them get flushed down the toilet.

Consume efficiently

Instead of having to eat 5 different fruits to obtain your different vitamin needs, you can simply juice them all into a cup, and drink it in a gulp!

Turn the yucky into yummy!

If you dislike certain fruits such as carrots or maybe bananas, good news! You can Mix carrot juice with your favourite juice (maybe strawberry) to mask the yucky taste, so you can drink it. Carrot juice is also sweeter than carrots! Juicing also allows you to add a wider variety of vegetables into your diet. So when making juice, remember to try some fruits or vegetables you don’t ordinarily eat!

A good juicer

To fully absorb all the juicy goodness, we advise freshly squeezed juice with high nutrient and enzyme levels. In the market, there are plenty of juicers available, ranging from $30 to $2000! They boast many different capabilities, high speed grinding powress, high nutrient level. Its so hard to pick! Our suggestion: the Hurom juicer.

hurom juicer

It maximises the amount of juice you derive from your fruits – a test done on cherry tomatoes show that with the hurom juicer, you are able to get at least 2 times more juice from your average fruits! This is due to its low speed extraction technique that results in less waste and more juice – better juice at that!

Hurom juicer is now retailing at $380 at Quan Fa organic farm (original price: $598).

This promotion lasts until stocks run out, so hurry!

Image from 100daysjuicefast.wordpress.com


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